TV and movie round up

Orange is the New Black- Season 5 was overall good. It felt rather slow as a whole (a problem of too many characters) with bits of greatness spread around. The last three episodes felt like the best and most engaging part of this riot based season. You’d think there would be more suspense in a three day stand off but it is what it is. I’d say it keeps a solid show running well and the end is especially good.

Trollhunters- I really, really liked this. Some terrific animation and the main cast of characters is fantastic. It tells a full and satisfying story in it’s 20 something episodes that were really well paced and changed the stakes often enough to keep the story fresh. Great show for all ages, something parents can watch with their kids.

Blame!- Cookie cutter anime that brings nothing new to the table. There’s some good animation but there’s nothing here to save it from mediocrity. Skip.

Attack on Titan- It took season 2 forever to come out and I gotta say it was disappointing. Not enough happened for my taste. I’m not a mega fan (season 1 has serious and repeated anime cliches holding it back) by any stretch and was hoping for more. Not sure if I’ll bother with season 3.

GLOW- From some of the creators of Orange is the New Black, GLOW shares a lot of feeling with that show. The nearly all-female cast being the main one. I think this is way better than Orange. It’s the perfect tone from start to finish. Giving respect to the sport and the people who devote their lives to it was the right move. The cast is big but manageable so cast members and plot lines don’t get lost in the shuffle. Superb casting, it’s often very funny and always has a lot of heart. The show looks like it was shot and made in the 80’s which is a major achievement and is a major selling point for me. Women’s wrestling is often overlooked so giving the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling a chance to (fictionally) shine makes for a unique show. I ran through season 1 really fast and hope for more to come.

John Wick 2- I’m a big fan of the first movie with it’s more simplistic but professional take on assassin/action genre films. The set up is really simple (assassin Wick is brought out of retirement when the idiot son of a crime boss crosses the line with Wick’s family) and it’s just an hour and 15 minutes of long, wide angle shot action set pieces. So Wick 2 surprised me in how it didn’t try to push any of what made the original great. The set up is even simpler if that’s possible, and more bare bones from start to finish. Wick is a man of few words and I think he says even less in this one. It’s just loosely strung together action scenes that all feel more of the same. Not terrible, I was just expecting a lot more. I kept saying, “That’s it?” Not a good take to have.

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