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Halt and Catch Fire Season 4

The final season has begun! Season 4 moves the timeline out of the 80’s into the early 90’s (my best estimation based on the pop culture references is 1993). When we left our quartet they were plotting to start their … Continue reading

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Orphan Black <> Season 5 and Series End

I don’t have much to say as I think Orphan Black went out on top. This show went to some crazy places and largely stayed strong through its entire run. 50 episodes over five seasons. That’s a long time to … Continue reading

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Good sci-fi is hard to come by because it’s a difficult genre to crack. But when it happens, man is it a treat. Arrival is one such success. When 12 alien space craft land on Earth, humanity is put on … Continue reading

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Logan is the Wolverine movie I’ve always wanted. Shockingly good. Easily the best X-Men related movie Fox has made to date, this is the kind of story telling the mutant side of Marvel desperately needs. Set in 2029, Logan is … Continue reading

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Bloodline Season 3 <> Series Finale

I’m a big fan of Bloodline and waited to watch the last season because I wasn’t ready for the end. With 10 episodes, it’s the shortest run so there was that much less to anticipate. So did they stick the … Continue reading

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Movie Menagerie 6

Jason Bourne- Overall, the Bourne series is very good. I liked the last one with Jeremy Renner. After Matt Damon backed away, I think they came up with a smart angle for Legacy to keep the franchise going without him. This … Continue reading

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RIP Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington’s suicide has shocked everyone. His passing is terrible and I can only wish peace for his family and friends. He left behind many people. I saw Linkin Park once. The 2004 Projekt Revolution Tour. One of the best shows … Continue reading

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The Summer Lull gets a pinch on the behind

Two big returns last night. Game of Thrones- Everyone watches this and there are a million reaction articles up for the Season 7 premiere so I’ll be very brief. Solid return that sets up the board for the next six episodes … Continue reading

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Director Bong Joon Ho’s last film, Snowpiercer knocked my socks off so I was really looking forward to this one. As a whole, it delivered, but there are some weird choices. Okja is a super pig, a new kind of animal … Continue reading

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TV and movie round up

Orange is the New Black- Season 5 was overall good. It felt rather slow as a whole (a problem of too many characters) with bits of greatness spread around. The last three episodes felt like the best and most engaging part … Continue reading

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Where is the wisdom in this?

Last Friday I had my bottom two wisdom teeth removed. While not the horror show I thought it would be, the experience can still be summed up as: it sucks. Novocaine was used, no knock out juice. The procedure itself was fast, … Continue reading

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Better Call Saul <> Season 3

This season flew by and gadzooks was it good. Rock solid storytelling made all the more impressive considering how many characters are involved. The main hook for the show is its ties to Breaking Bad and they put in some … Continue reading

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