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The short burst of Gotham episodes was very good. Arguably the strongest set of episodes of the series and this week’s “winter finale” was without the doubt the best episode of the series. A lot came together with all the major plotlines coming to major milestones. The end of Riddler and Penguin’s arc turned out great, Barbara’s got a new position in town with her girl and Butch, Celina got let down with an ultimate bummer and leave it to Jerome to whip everything into a frenzy. Cameron Monaghan really hit it out of the park and the last 10 minutes or so of the episode was the most Batman thing they’ve ever captured to date. A major pillar of Bruce Wayne becoming The Batman is now built and was awesome to watch. They wrote in a ton of moving pieces to get to here but the payoff was worth it to me, the show just needs more moments like that. The best part of the show since the start has been the killer casting and it looks like Cory Michael Smith is going to get the lions share of the spotlight starting in April.

The Expanse has come back strong! I think there’s a real drought of super high-quality sci-fi on TV and this one checks the boxes for me. I like the cast a lot (and their characters) and while there is a fair share of tropes (namely Thomas Jane’s character) I like the dynamic of the main cast. Plus, the high-quality special effects sell the world to me. Original SyFy shows are more or less condemned to a certain low budget looking affair, but they get every dime on screen. Sets look great, space scenes look believable. It’s impressive work that doesn’t pull me out of what’s going on. Nice plot advancement in the premiere with getting a much clearer idea of what the blue stuff is and the growing politics of Earth, Mars and the Belters was weaved in and around the central crew plot really well. Impressive stuff.

Taboo. Still on the fence. I want to like it more than I do, there’s just something about it that doesn’t engage me all the way. There’s a lot more going on now with James showing everyone who thinks he’s a dumb animal to come at him at their own risk…it really is the Tom Hardy show. I checked it out because of him and he’s why I’m sticking with it.

Season 2 of Voltron on Netflix was way better than the first! With all the introductions and basic lore out of the way, this story arc is way more complete and fun to watch. The animation is great, action variety is great and there’s way more actual Voltron. The last 2 episodes are wild.

Black Sails is off to what I think is a slow start but it’s good to be back in this world. The ship battle was nuts (as usual) while the central idea of this season seems rather in the air right now. Obviously, England is going to come hard at the pirates the whole time. Long John and the rest of the pirates at sea are at a loss without Vane and getting revenge for him is the main driving force for many. Good ol’ Flint keeps flexing every chance he gets but Billy Bones is more than happy to check him. Eleanore and Max are in muddy waters back on Nassau. Both are trying to keep their heads above water with Max clawing harder considering her status as little more than a replaceable madame. Eleanore is replaceable too but I think she’s got more room to work in considering her current station.

Homeland is Homeland. I like the setting change a lot and Quinn is a mess! Still very early to say yay or nay on the season but I think major stuff is about to happen this week. One to keep an eye on.

Justice League Dark is the best DC animated work in awhile. Especially after the disappointing The Killing Joke last year. Brings in same rarely used characters along with Batman as a skeptical anchor. I like John Constantine a lot and I’m thrilled to see that Matt Ryan gets to move from his short live action job to voicing him. At about 70 minutes long, Dark doesn’t take long to get going with the general population being afflicted by violent visions of those around them turning into demons. With magic clearly at work, the Justice league turns to their more mysterious contacts (Zatanna) for help. Overall great animation and the magic motif opens up to some crazy action. A lot of fun to watch, highly recommended.

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