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Netflix is producing so much content and at such a high quality they are a network now. I’m going to make them their own category since it doesn’t exactly fit into TV. This will make it easier to search for Netflix material.  We’ll talk about two today.

Lady Dynamite– I like comedian Maria Bamford. She’s a tough sell for a lot of people because her material is really out there. This is her show and it allows her to do her thing in a more approachable manner with a slew of co-characters for her to interact with. Lady Dynamite is super weird. Think Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, South Park, and Arrested Development. The show is partially auto-biographical, going into struggles with mental illness that took over her life a few years ago and how she came back to the industry. Each episode visits three times as the plot unfolds. Her past (as her problems were mounting), Duluth (the not too distant past when she had to move home after her break), and present where she’s trying to get back on her feet professionally and personally. It’s a unique show that’s packed with crazy situations, cameos, prat falls, 4th wall breaking, cursing and a good dose of love. I’m happy Maria gets this stage to share and I’m looking forward to season 2.

Happy Valley– It took us awhile to get season 2! It’s not too long after the events of the first season. Catherine skipped getting counseling after all the trauma and is more or less keeping her nose to the grind stone at work. While chasing some perps, she finds a body that kicks off a serial killer investigation. On top of the main plot, one of her co-workers gets into trouble and Tommy manages to have some influence on the outside of prison walls. An inventive season that moves along well in its 6 episodes. Keeps the antagonist of last season in the picture but smartly on the side. We get some more time with supporting cast members, Catherine remains a brilliant and strong female character and two Harry Potter alumni have gigs in this. I have a minor quibble about the end (shoehorning more sinister angles into it that’s rather amateurish…it wasn’t needed) but that’s about it, the rest was aces for me. I’m down to watch more.

Up Next: Bloodline season 2

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