F is for Family


I had no idea Bill Burr had a show coming out until it was just a few days out from hitting Netflix. I’m a fan of Burr and I’m stoked for him that this turned out so well.

F is for Family is about the Murphy family, boys Kevin and Will, mother Sue, father Frank and daughter Maureen (plus Major the dog) in the 1970’s. ¬†Frank is more or less the main character, working in the baggage department at the airport.

I wasn’t sold after the first episode, but once the family dynamic takes root (especially with Kevin and Will), it really comes together. Every episode is simply better than the last, they really found the heart of the show by the end. The parents struggling to keep afloat and happy and the kids who range from screw up to princess tomboy who are all getting old enough to see the cracks in the world. I think the best material is with the kids, as it’s the most well thought out and given the most time (Will is my favorite). I wasn’t too sure of Frank at the beginning, but the last episode really got to me. I found him to be more of a loud cartoon character before then, but the culmination of his trials at work came together in a smart and beautiful end.

While this show looks like it could be for The Simpsons and King of the Hill audience, it’s not for kids. A ton of swearing (weird hearing Burr in interviews saying they were careful about F-bomb usage when it’s all over the place), some seriously dark humor and a heavy dose of sex jokes have this show pegged at the older crowd.

Fun surprise and bonus points for casting Laura Dern as Sue!

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