A Buncha Season Finales

Arrow- Overall a good season with the ultimate payoff being the end of the flashbacks. The last half of the season cut down of the frequency and finally getting to the end of that vision arc is long awaited by everyone. Prometheus proved to be a good villain for the year that pushed Oliver and the team into dark places. Melodrama is basically impossible to avoid on this show but I think they kept from going overboard. Along with the completion of the backstory, the finale is open to the possibility of a cast change (I think there are too many characters now). Looking forward to next year.

Modern Family- The long and frequent breaks killed any kind of momentum they generated. Not exactly a serial show but some kind of airing consistency is nice to have. It was easy to forget this show and I’m having a hard time remembering much of what happened (especially at the beginning). I only remember one truly awful episode in the last batch of shows so that’s good. They maintain a steady amount of laughs and with Manny and Luke graduating high school the show is going to get new angles to mine. Joe is growing like a weed and they’re even going to skip Lily a year to get her more interesting things to do. With the 2 season renewal, I get the feeling the end of the series will be at season 10.

Archer- I think the only thing I liked about this season was the animation. I liked the drug trade season from a few years ago way more than this. “Dreamland” was remarkably not funny and the end was even a colossal bummer. I didn’t get this season at all.

Hawaii 5-0- My guilty pleasure cop show remains a pleasure. I think one episode a year there’s a truly bad episode, otherwise, it’s often a good run. They bring back characters a lot, give the main cast a spotlight arc here and there which I really like (except for Lou, he kinda bores me). Keeps things varied and interesting and avoids the tired Danny and Steve bickering like a married couple shtick from getting overbearing. Please stop doing that, I don’t think anyone likes it. While the action (fire and fist fights, on foot chase scenes, explosions) tends to be good, they gotta step up their car chase game. It’s usually very fake looking. The truck rescue set piece in the finale is more of what I’m looking for. Putting Kono on a righteous mission has got me looking forward to next year.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine- I didn’t see that ending coming! This show has found its groove and all the characters bring something to the table. A careful balance of using the right characters at the right times and they manage to come up with great story arcs inside and outside of the precinct. Fox is up to its old stupid tricks though, they aired this show in the weirdest ways. Starts off in time for the standard Fall schedule for five weeks then goes away for a month. Another five weeks and then off for the holidays. Comes back for a double episode in January and then it’s gone until April. Four weeks of regular airing and then Fox burns through the last six episodes in three weeks with double episodes. What kind of schedule is that? That’s what they do with a show they cancel and shove out what episodes are in the can to make fan shut up so they can move on as fast as possible for no reason. You’d never think season 5 was coming the way they treat this show. If I didn’t have this season set to record I would have thought it disappeared mid season and forgotten about it.

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