TV Update

Quick hits to play catch up!

Face Off- Terrific season. With an All Star cast the talent pool was really high right from the start and that left a killer final 3. Probably the best finale in terms of quality of work from each team. Tough choice to pick the winner, but I think the judges got it right.

Gotham- After a monstrous break, Gotham is back for the last leg of episodes. Nigma made some big moves the last we saw and we return to see him essentially turn into the Riddler. We got to see him actively use riddles (Fox got a lot of screen time this week), mark a clue with a green question mark and he has an awesome green suit. The Court of Owls has made its move to replace Bruce Wayne and Alfred’s first interaction with the clone seems to have given him a moment’s pause. We’ll see how fast Alfred sniffs out the fraud. The show is doing a lot of weird and fun things, I’m happy it’s back even if it’s only for a few more episodes.

Archer- The show has made a major setting change, similar to the cocaine season a few years ago. This time its 1950’s-ish Los Angeles. The main cast is split up into different jobs (Pam and Cyril are cop partners, Cheryl is on her own as the one who hires PI Archer to help her do something crazy stupid) so the group dynamic is different. The shows looks exceptionally gorgeous this year and the change to the formula has opened up a lot of options for the writers. I dig it.

The Detour- This season flew by but it was great. Pretty brilliant ideas to move it on from what happened last year. Got way more detail about the family’s past and it was consistently funny (these might be the best child actors on TV). My only complaint is the super weird and preachy reach into refugees coming into the US. It was so out of place and heavy handed it came off as bizarre more than anything.


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