FaceOff and Game Face

Another quality season of SYFY’s FaceOff recently finished. My favorite, Faina, just missed the final three. My biggest surprise as she was in the top cluster of contestants every challenge. She’s one of the best painters, but it wasn’t enough. The winner is very deserving though and the one who made it through instead of Faina (didn’t think she’d make it, she hit some rough patches) put up a really good fight.

So at the conclusion of Season 12 (!) a new spin off series began, Game Face. Four previous contestants are brought in to do what are essentially flash challenges. They have 90 minutes to make a character based on the criteria given. The bottom look goes home and the final two contestants do one two hour challenge for $10,000. It’s a great idea. We get to see what people have been up to and how they’ve progressed since the last time they’ve been on FaceOff. The pressure cooker competition is in full effect and it’s great to see artists design and work on the fly.

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