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I Finished My Novel, “The Darkest Winter”

A major milestone. A solid 4 years in the making, I did it. I finished my first novel. I’ve put in a tremendous amount of time into it and in all honesty, part of myself. The seeds of the idea … Continue reading

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Movie Menagerie 7

The LEGO Batman Movie– Sometimes you don’t realize what you want until someone hands it to you. Wacky Batman is just what I was in the mood for. LEGO Batman takes the Batman mythos and makes fun of it while … Continue reading

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I came out of Bloodline¬†right into this so the timing was perfect for me. Martin Bryd is a financial advisor in Chicago. He also launders money for a Mexican drug cartel. Things are going pretty well until his friend and … Continue reading

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Get Out

Writer/Director Jordan Peele did his horror movie research. Impressive first movie from anyone, let alone a person known¬†so well only for comedy. Chris has been dating Rose for a few months and they go visit her parents for the weekend … Continue reading

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FaceOff and Game Face

Another quality season of SYFY’s FaceOff recently finished. My favorite, Faina, just missed the final three. My biggest surprise as she was in the top cluster of contestants every challenge. She’s one of the best painters, but it wasn’t enough. … Continue reading

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