I’m Back

Spent the last week in Los Angeles visiting family and getting my networking on for a more than likely move this year! A lot of fun and a lot to think about.

I’m behind a week now with all my responsibilities, so I have a lot to catch up on now. I’m going to skip TV reviews from last week, which I think actually accounts for The Americans since Shameless and Black Sails are over. The Walking Dead also ended but not revealing who died is some clown show levels of stupid and pointless. Fear of the Walking Dead started, but I’m not going to write about that show. House of Lies on Showtime kicked off and I need to catch that…probably won’t write about it. I’m really behind on my book and the goal is to have it finished in July so I’m going to be adjusting my work flow quite a bit.

And lest we forget! NHL Playoffs start tonight! Rangers v Penguins, this could be super rough. Pitt is favored by everyone so nothing but the A list Rangers is going to have to show up and throw down.

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